February 2, 2016 kapow

Tantric Massage Vs Escort

Tantric Massage Vs Escort

In your efforts to feel good and be rejuvenated, you may consider taking a number of methods that suit your lifestyle. one of the most popular methods available is seeking for escort services. Having a tantric massage in London has also emerged to be one of the best options available that has the capabilities to leave you relaxed and fully satisfied. The number of escort agencies claiming to offer this massage has made it difficult for customers to clearly make a distinction between tantric and the normal massage. Most of these agencies offer the normal conventionalĀ massage London but they only use tantric so as to lure most of the clients. In the real sense there are big differences between tantric and an escort service.

The first distinction between the two comes in the person giving the service. A tantric masseuses is well trained about the fine arts of Tantra hence has all the required knowledge and skills of how to interact with the client. She ensures that the connection between her and the client is deep and goes into the spiritual level. This will be able to leave the client with an experience that is worthy of the service. This is contrary to Escort where an may sometimes go through the process in the fastest ways possible and you may not be able to get the much needed spiritual connection. Escort massage is mostly focused on giving the client physical stimulation without stimulating the mind.

Most of the times an escort session ends after the client is done with the sexual release hence there it is likely to take lesser time than expected. This may leave one to be less satisfied with the session. Tantric massage session will last for long depending on the hours that a client will have paid for.


Tantric is made up of unique techniques which take care of all the senses in the body. One of the technique is the body to body slide with the masseuse, somethinng that will leave your body at a higher altitudinal level. This is one thing that you will never find in escort session which seems to be oriented on mechanical sex. Tantric massage takes care of all areas of the body ensuring the the sexual sensation spreads evenly and all the anxiety and stress will be released from the body.


Tantric massage ensures that there is full connection between the masseuse and the client. You will be fully pampered and treated like a king, something that will raise your energy levels. She will give you an eye contact accmpanied with syncronized breathing techniques that will make you have a perfect connection with her. Escorts have a reputation of having a bad attitude accompanied with poor services that will leave the clients feeling cheated. Escorts also dont take good care of the environments from which they operate from contrary to tantric massage where the setting is magical.

Seeking tantric massage will bedefinitely leave you with a lifetime experience that you won’t mind doing again.